Gandhi Sansthagat Van – Hari Bhomiya Ji Mandir

Plant Trees to Spread Greenery in the Heart of India.
Madhya Pradesh, the central part of the country is the upper catchment for five rivers – Yamuna, Ganga, Mahanadi, Godavari and Narmada due to its huge amount of forest cover. However, lately due to unsustainable land management practices, especially deforestation and overgrazing, there has been a loss of income of tribal and rural communities as well as a reduction in the green spaces of the state. Hence, Sankalptaru has launched Project Harit Madhya to regreen the state of Madhya Pradesh and provide additional income to these vulnerable sections by the method of agroforestry. Donate now to bring a positive green change to the ‘Madhya’ of India.




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