Project Harit Bihad

Plant Trees for a Greener and Cooler Pune City.
According to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Environment Status Report 2017-18, the city is going downwards as it is unable to deal with garbage, air, water, and noise pollution due to the rising population. The ESR has highly emphasized the importance of trees and urban greenery in order to keep in check the pollution and other health hazards following it in the city.
Keeping in mind the present condition of the state, the SankalpTaru Foundation has expanded its Community Land Plantation Program to Pune, in Devi village, only 35 kms from the main city. With your help and support to increase the urban greenery and improve the state of the city, we will be able to reduce the different kinds of pollution the city is facing, along with recharging the groundwater in the city.
Your contribution towards planting trees in Pune will serve as a great opportunity for the city to transform into a green place. Plant now with us!




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